We are a tattoo studio based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With a friendly enviroment, it’s highly important to us to have an atmosphere in our studio which inspires us day by day to give of our best in every design and tattoo we create for you. Whether it’s a small tattoo or a large-scale work, our aim is for your experience at 10 K Foxes to be as satisfactory as possible, from the moment you contact us, through the on-line or personal interview process for the creation of the custom design, up to the hours you will spend on the tattoo bed. We seek to create unique, exclusive pieces and, when designing, to adapt the personal style that each of us has to your own idea. The resident artists also count on the regular visits of known guest artists from all parts, so that you may similarly have the opportunity to benefit from their work in our studio. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Manu Cruz

Manu, one of the co-founders of 10 Thousand Foxes, does neotraditional and traditional tattoos which he always seeks to construct with solid lines, good shading and vibrant colors in order to ensure a long-lasting result. He is a lover of the world of animals and these are therefore among his favorite themes. Manu is without doubt a great choice as tattooist if what you want is a unique, original piece created by an artist whose love for his work continues to grow day by day.

Born in Madrid, he began tattooing sixteen years ago after spending some years studying in the comic and illustration field in Barcelona, where he discovered his love of the art. He has since worked as resident in Spain, the UK, Germany and Norway. In the course of the last three years he has been on the road, doing guest spots all over the world in cities such as Dublin, Cologne, Hamburg, Brunswick, Lorrach, London, Sheffield, Cheltenham, Bergen, Oslo, Tel Aviv, Birmingham, Eindhoven, Zurich, Bangkok, Haverhill, San Diego and Marietta, while also attending various international tattoo conventions. These travels have enabled him to get to know and to learn from many of the artists he has always admired and likewise to make contact with numerous other tattooists who may in the future visit us as guest artists.


Specializes in black work, ranging from dot work to engraving, through fine work, broad line and sketch style. Always experimenting and seeking to create pieces that break new ground, she loves detail work and is the artist you are looking for if you want to carry a beautiful idea on your skin for like.

Aleksandra, to use her real name (Kreska means “line” in Polish), is the other co-founder of 10 Thousand Foxes. She studied architecture in her native city of Gdansk. Subsequently, after devoting some time to the development of her style through extensive drawing, she found a studio where to serve an appropriate tattooing apprenticeship in Barcelona. She has spent a large part of the five years that have since gone by traveling and working as resident or guest artist in the UK, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Israel and many other countries. She has had the opportunity to meet numerous artists along the way an this has helped her grow as an artist in her own right. She is now based in NY and her goal is to evolve continuously, avoiding trends so as to ensure that originality is a key feature of every custom tattoo she creates.

Igor Puente


Putting her excellent drawing skills to work, Krish creates comic and cartoon influenced neotraditional tattoos that are made to last. She likes to prepare each design with the greatest care, making sure that it is perfectly suited both to the body and to the personality of the client. She has a great love of the human figure and revisits all the classic themes of tattooing, giving them a new, fresher air and creating illustrations that tell stories on the skin. She has been in tattooing for seven years, has traveled extensively as a guest artist and has attended various international conventions in many countries. Make an appointment with Krish for a special, unique tattoo.


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